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Terrazzo Cleaning Philadelphia

Terrazzo Cleaning Philadelphia

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Terrazzo Cleaning & Polishing – Beautiful If Properly Maintained

Having a terrazzo floor is a legacy that can be used and enjoyed by many generations. It was the preferred flooring material during the 60’s and 70’s because of its elegance and beauty. Terrazzo floorings can be found in museums, hotels, restaurants, and in homes that require sophisticated flooring materials.

A well maintained Terrazzo floor must be polished to be immaculately clean. To attain a stunning look, the person doing the terrazzo polishing must have special skills, materials and equipment.  This will keep your terrazzo flooring maintain its pristine beauty.

Years of Use Diminishes Its Gloss

Terrazzo flooring generally consists of marbles, granite and glass which are bonded by cement or epoxy resins, in which over the years, fade and lose its gloss.  Apparently, due to footsteps and constant use, the floor receives unsightly scratches, marks and grime on its finish. Moreover, improper maintenance is also one of the reasons of the fading and chipping of floors.  Terrazzo flooring that is unmaintained for years looks dull and messy. Many owners cover it with carpets or rugs, leaving the once-beautiful terrazzo, lying underneath.

Why Do-It-Yourself Polishing is not enough

Many homeowners would love to polish their floors themselves thinking that they can save this way. This is not the case; Terrazzo polishing is something that should be done with utmost care and expertise. Remember that when you polish your floors, you need to have the right cleaning materials and solutions; otherwise you will just make further damage to your floors. We, at Tri State Marble Polishing know that many homeowners who attempted DIY polishing have ended up with much serious problems in their hands.

Homeowners who have accidentally discolored their floor due to the application of wrong cleaning ingredients tried to remove the discoloration by using another brand of cleaning products. More often than not, this practice just leads to more discoloration on the floor, and frustration. To avoid useless frustrations and to save you money, hire Terrazzo polishing experts to polish the floors for you.

Terrazzo Flooring Can Be Restored

If you are one of the homeowners who have tried to polish your Terrazzo floors and failed to bring back its shine, it is best to stop right away. Instead of wasting your time, energy and money, why not call our floor technicians to do the job for you? We, at Tri State Marble Polishing can restore your terrazzo flooring to its original gloss.   Just leave everything to our trained personnel.  We have special products made particularly for this kind of floor so your terrazzo will be rejuvenated to its original beauty. We have the right staff, trained to do this job properly by performing tested procedures on your tiles. Our products are formulated to deal with any terrazzo flooring problems.

Let Us Do the Terrazzo Polishing Task

We, at Tri State Marble Polishing have the expertise to handle your terrazzo flooring problems. Let the experts do it and be amazed on the result of the quality of our service. Check

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