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Featuring the services rendered by a reliable company in Tri-State area.

For more than ten years, customers from Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County have counted on the outstanding professionalism, reliability and promptness offered by Tristate Marble Polishing.

Indeed, we are here to make your home or establishment look even better. We can cater to all your needs when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, restoration and repair. The following are the high quality services that we offer:

Tile and Grout Services

Tristate Marble Polishing is an expert in this field. We employ the best and the latest techniques that produce excellent results. Whether you need your tile and grout cleaned, polished, color sealed, repaired or have the molds removed, you can be sure that we can get the work done correctly.

Granite Care

Granite is known for its beauty but to keep the surface looking perfect, it needs care which can only be done by proper maintenance, repair and sealing. If you are looking for professional granite services for your commercial or residential property, look no further. Tristate Marble Polishing will help extend its beauty, shine and life with the granite countertop services like cleaning and sealing.

Marble Services

We offer high quality marble services that can only be achieved by professionals but at competitive prices. We can clean and maintain your marble floors and countertops to preserve their natural beauty. We remove the stains and scratches, preserve the surface, and provide all other services that you need for your marble floors. Our processes are proven to make your marble surfaces last a long time in the safest way.

Terrazzo Cleaning and Polishing

Tristate Marble Polishing is the authority in the polishing and cleaning of terrazzo floors. You can expect only the best from us because we work on every detail. In addition, we only use the right products. We can work on your terrazzo floors. Our company offers two polishing techniques: topical coating and diamond coating. The former enhances the floor's luster while the latter increases the shine as well as the clarity.

Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services

Our company provides cleaning services for your commercial or residential property. After we clean the areas, they are ready for use because we utilize only the best methods and products. We use low moisture techniques for cleaning and we employ a special drying process to make sure the rooms are ready to use by the time we are done. 

Tristate Marble Polishing is your partner in cleaning and floor maintenance. We have the experience, skills, products and equipment to keep your home or office looking great for a long time.

Grout Cleaning

grout cleaning It feels comfortable to enjoy our time inside the bathroom with tiles and grout. For those of you who are not aware of it, grout is a substance More

Grout Colorseal

grout colorseal A grout color seal provides many advantages. Aside from waterproofing your grout which makes it lasts a lot longer, it is also more.. More

Grout Mold Removal

Grout Mold Removal The importance of removing molds in the home can never be downplayed. Although it is a fact that mold spores are actually everywhere.. More

Grout Sealing

Grout Sealing Grout lines can be stained quickly because they are natural traps for dirt. If they are not cleaned often, the dirt hardens... More

Tile Floor Cleaning

Tile Floor Cleaning Tile floor cleaning is often tedious, but if you want your home to remain comfortable and inviting, you have to exert an effort... More

Countertop Maintenance

Countertop Maintenance Granite has been used for many years. Before, a granite countertop is very pricey, but today, it can be bought at a very inexpensive price. More

Granite Countertop Sealing

Granite Countertop Sealing It is not surprising to see how granite embellishes many residential homes. Granite becomes a favorite for walkways and commercial lobbies as well. More

Granite Countertop Repair

Granite Countertop Repair Granite is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. In terms of hardness, it is second only to diamonds. It can last for decades, More

Marble Cleaning

Marble Cleaning Marble is a stone often used for construction of floors and countertops. It is also utilized as... More

Marble Polishing

Marble Polishing In countless homes and buildings, you will often see marble floors, staircases, countertops and tables... More

Terrazzo Care

Terrazzo Care Having a terrazzo floor is a legacy that can be used and enjoyed by many generations.... More

Travertine Cleaning

Travertine Cleaning Travertine is a flexible stone that is available in many different colors and finishes. The natural stone.... More

Travertine Repair

Travertine Repair Travertine is a distinct limestone with many veins and pores; many of our Tri-State area.... More

Saltillo Mexican Tile

Saltillo Mexican Tile Saltillo tile, also called Mexican tile, is an attractive tile made from fired clay. The various color differences... More

Onyx Polishing

Onyx Polishing Onyx is an exceptional natural floor covering option. It possesses a much smoother covering than.. More

Pavers Cleaning

Pavers Cleaning Pavers, as its name indicates, are the paving stones used for driveways, pool perimeters, and walkways... More

Granite Countertop

Granite Countertop Granite has been used for many years. Before, a granite countertop is very pricey, but today.... More

Natural Stone

Natural Stone Natural stone is primarily what Tri-State Floor Services recommends to its clients in the... More

Quartz Countertop Repair

Quartz Countertop Repair Quartz is the best choice for bathroom and kitchen countertops because of its durability... More

Quartz Countertop Polishing

Quartz Countertop Polishing Due to their elegance and shine, quartz countertops are viewed to be an extremely good.. More

Slate Cleaning

Slate Cleaning Slate is an organic stone with a good texture which comes from smaller silt and clay particles.. More

Slate Tile Maintenance

Slate Tile Maintenance Slate floor tiles are quickly recognizable because of their natural beauty and rustic... More

Slate Enhancing

Slate Enhancing Slate floor tiles are quickly recognizable because of their natural beauty and rustic... More

Limestone Cleaning

Limestone Cleaning Limestone is a sedimentary rock widely used for flooring, counters, wall tiles, outdoor... More

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