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Grout Cleaning Philadelphia

Grout Cleaning Philadelphia

Grout Cleaning Services Philadelphia

Grout Cleaning Services Philadelphia

Discover these Grout Cleaning Solutions You Can Afford

It feels comfortable to enjoy our time inside the bathroom with tiles and grout.  For those of you who are not aware of it, grout is a substance used for filling up spaces between tiles. Grout cleaning must be done regularly to maintain the appealing appearance of floors or countertops.  Unfortunately, mopping is not really enough to clean the tiles completely because grout contains deposits of hardened dirt and dust which mopping couldn’t remove. A lot of times, you actually have to resort to hard scrubbing by using home cleaning detergents that are available in neighborhood stores. Here are some tips that can help you with grout cleaning tasks.

Solutions for Grout Cleaning

Pour a half cup of mild detergent into a pail containing two gallons of water.  To determine the effectiveness of the solution, wet a small area of grout with it. Let the solution soak for awhile.  Scrub the test area with a brush. Rinse with water, then, dry with clean dry cloth. Just increase the amount of detergent if needed.

Grouts in bathroom wall tiles are harder to clean than floor tile grouts. For best results and easier application of the solution, you can put the mixture in a spray bottle. This allows the solution to be sprayed directly into the grout lines.  After you have applied the solution, you simply follow the procedures you used for cleaning the floors – scrub, rinse and dry.   You should choose your brush according to the size of the grout. Some are best cleaned with small brushes or sponge. As much as possible refrain from utilizing brushes with hard bristles as they can damage it.

Grout Stain Removal

Dust and dirt that accumulate in grout are often tenacious stains that mopping and ordinary cleaning detergent couldn’t totally remove. Thus, there are products specifically manufactured for such stains.  Be sure ‘though that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions in using them.

Some homeowners prefer home remedies in removing grout stains. Among these remedies, you get the best results from solutions containing isopropyl alcohol or white vinegar.  Usually, these solutions are used in combination with manual scrubbing. The process is simple: put the mixture into a stained area, and then scrub it with cloth that is slightly wet.

Grout Bleach

Some grout stains can be permanent.  If the grout lines have become permanently darker in color than the tile which destroys the over-all appearance of your floor, you may have to resort to bleaching. This helps remove stains as well as allow the grout to recover its natural color.  This process usually matches the color of the tiles. However, you have to be very careful when bleaching because you may unintentionally lighten the edges of the tiles and the effect may not be appropriate.

Tri-State Marble Cleaning is very meticulous in Grout cleaning.

Tiles are building materials you’d find in most homes nowadays.  Thus, you will have to deal with various tile-related problems like cleaning, maintenance and repairs. You can deal with some of them yourself, but others require the attention of experts. Anytime you are faced with such problems, home remedies couldn’t be enough.  Yet, you can always contact our company by clicking  You will find out that we provide the best grout cleaning, tile cleaning, repair and restoration services around.

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