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At Tristate Marble Polishing, we have a variety of cleaning services for different kinds of flooring. We give you the finest solutions in maintaining and preserving your tiles, hardwoods, carpets, marble and countertops. We use only state of the art and eco-friendly cleaning materials and methods.

We provide ingenious means that have been proven to give you cleaner and healthier floors. We have a professional staff that works painstakingly with their technical expertise that guarantees the best results.


We have a team that specializes in floor cleaning and maintenance as well as in maintaining your counter tops. Being in the business for more than ten years, we have developed our own methods that give our customers an excellent service, professionalism and reliability. We deal with maintenance, cleaning, restoration and repair of your floors.

Tile and Gout Services

Tristate Marble Polishing has the expertise in tile and grout cleaning. We have the best method in cleaning, polishing, mold removal, color sealing and all repairs that are needed.

We know that cleaning your tiles and grout can be a meticulous process, what more if you would do it in the whole house? The usual cleaning method is scraping the tiles with a brush, but this does not kill all the germs nor eliminate other contaminants. Also, brushing can cause the color of your tile or gout to fade and it also causes damage. That is why we use a specialized cleaner and cleaning products to remove all the germs and bacteria in your tiles or gouts plus eliminating molds and dirt, leaving them spotless.

Granite Services

Granite is incredibly beautiful on your countertop. And to keep its exquisiteness, regular maintenance must be done. We are happy to do the work for you! Tristate Marble Polishing can give your granite proper maintenance, sealing and repairing needs.

Granite is naturally porous, meaning that filth can easily get trapped below its surface that is why proper maintenance is required. Our services include deep cleaning your countertop with a heavy-duty stone cleaner followed by a neutral cleanser. We then dry your counter top and apply a sealer before we buff it to make it shine. This process will ensure that your counter tops will always look beautiful.

Marble Services

We offer a professional approach in cleaning and maintaining your marble floor. Our staff are experts in scratch removal, stain removal and other necessary restorations.

We’ve been in the industry for more than ten years, along with our stay in the business is our good experience in cleaning your marble floors. We use only the best methods in cleaning your marble floor.

Polishing your marble floor is the same story. We use the stone industry standard processes to ensure the best result that will bring out your marble’s perfect shine.

Terrazzo Services

We offer our customers the highest level of terrazzo services. We have two types of polishing methods: Diamond polishing and Nano Seal coating.

Diamond polishing is used to improve the clarity of the floor. Nano seal coating, on the other hand, improves the shine of the floor. It is also more abrasive and stain resistant.

Hardwood Floor Services

Hardwood floors are becoming more popular, and so is its maintenance.  We have the best equipment in hardwood cleaning. We have a commercial grade wood surface cleaner that is better than any other.  It deeply cleans your floor, eliminating all dirt, grease, built-up residue and contaminants. Our cleaners are non-toxic and completely safe for your children and pets. It is also eco-friendly, thus leaving no odor.

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Philadelphia, Langhorne, blue Bell, Media, Chester springs, buckingham, berwyn, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Chester County, ardmore, chadds ford, devon, Gladwyne, Harleysville, Lansdale, Royersford Pa, Wayne, West Chester, New Hope, Doylestown, Center City, Villanova, Ottsville, Huntington Valley, Newtown Square, Newtown

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Cherry Hill, Haddonfield, Marlton, Voorhees, Moorestown

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Greenville, Wilmington